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Gallery Thomassen,Gothenburg, Sweden, February 23 – March 17, 2019

For Fragrance Tuula Lehtinen presents a new series of paintings together with wall mosaics and cushion pieces as well as new porcelain sculptures.

Fog and landscapes, lace, shoes, and flowers are recurring motifs in Tuula Lehtinen´s art, exploring themes of femininity, sensuality, indulgence, nature, and power. Her work can be placed in the tradition of feminist art, which does not conform to prevailing standards of good taste. As such, she exploits concepts that for a long time were banned from contemporary art, such as the frivolous and the decorative. In Fragrance Tuula Lehtinen is as always challenging the traditional separation between the intellectual realm of art and culture and the domain of daily life.

Fragrance in Thomassen


ARTag gallery, Helsinki, Finland August 31 – September 23, 2018

Tuula Lehtinen is an aesthete who gives us permission to become inebriated by nostalgia and beauty. The elegant feminism of the pieces helps reemerge the value of the old graphic design that’s considered feminine.

Lace, fog and flowers

Konsthallen in Hishult, Sweden 20 aug – 16 october 2016

More pictures of the exhibition can be found here: exhibition website

Katalog (in swedish)

On Beauty

Hämeenlinnan taidemuseo 20.10.2012 – 24.2.2013
Wäinö Aaltosen museo, Turku 15.3. – 26.5.2013

Kauneudesta – Om skönhet – On Beauty was an exhibition dealing with different aspects of the controversial consept of beauty.

On Beauty catalogue

”Beauty is an indefinitely fascinating problem; both philosophically and from an art political point of view. If beauty was suddenly tamed and defined, it would probably lose its appeal. In a way, it has the nature of a forbidden fruit that makes it fascinating. If you’re looking to truly provoke, I think this is the direction to look for the best means.” Read the whole interview here. 

Hösten i Viborg / Autumn in Vyborg

Tuula Lehtinen and Tomas Byström

Konsthallen i Hishult, Sverige 5.6.-1.7.2012

The Background for the exhibition is our visit to the russian city Vyborg in the Carelian Peninsula. We spent a dark and rainy november in the former finnish city by reading, working and taking long promenades by admiring its sad beauty.

Katalog (in swedish)