Here you will find views of some of the latest exhibitions. Upcoming exhibitions you can find from our news page.

On Beauty


Hämeenlinnan taidemuseo 20.10.2012 – 24.2.2013
Wäinö Aaltosen museo, Turku 15.3. – 26.5.2013


Kauneudesta – Om skönhet – On Beauty was an exhibition dealing with different aspects of the controversial consept of beauty.


”Beauty is an indefinitely fascinating problem; both philosophically and from an art political point of view. If beauty was suddenly tamed and defined, it would probably lose its appeal. In a way, it has the nature of a forbidden fruit that makes it fascinating. If you’re looking to truly provoke, I think this is the direction to look for the best means.” Read the whole interview here. 

Hösten i Viborg / Autumn in Vyborg

Tuula Lehtinen and Tomas Byström


Konsthallen i Hishult, Sverige 5.6.-1.7.2012


The Background for the exhibition is our visit to the russian city Vyborg in the Carelian Peninsula. We spent a dark and rainy november in the former finnish city by reading, working and taking long promenades by admiring its sad beauty.