Art & architecture



Mosaic piece in Danderyds hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

Tuula Lehtinen with assistants David Stordahl, Tiina Lähteenmäki, Ossi Lehtinen, Varpu Baraev, Aku Jyrkinen, Satu Raivonen, Tomas Byström

Subflora mosaic work was finished in Danderyds hospital’s annex corridors 2019. The piece runs through six floors with width of 180cm. 47 square meters of mosaic is assembled by different sizes of ceramic, hand painted and burned tiles. Starting point was hand colored and digitally modified flower themed pictures.

Konsten in Danderyds sjukhus



The entrance of the Tampere (Finland) Rantatunneli in front of a rock cutting.

Tuula Lehtinen with Hanna Aitoaho ja Jukka-Pekka Kataja (A-Insinöörit) / construction engineering and Annukka Larssen / lighting design

Art work composed of the seven steel pillars with glass fronts picturing the Tammerkoski rapids. The pillars are seven meters high and whole constitutes one of the country’s largest public sculptures.

You Don’t Know How Beautiful You Are


Helsinki Art Museum HAM ordered this mosaic work for the toilets in connection of the renovation and extension of the museum facilities in Tennispalatsi.

The mosaic is made of ceramic plates that are painted and fired with porcelain colours.

Home Forest


Fennias rental house in Vuores residential district in Tampere was the first house implemented in the area. The artwork that depicts the forest and the birds that are typical for the area, are printed digitally with ceramic pigments on the glass panes of the window elements in the staircase.

The Third Wave


Smalto glas mosaic for the jump towers in Tampere Swimming Center.

Leila’s Garden


Smalto glas mosaic for the sauna department in Pikkupalatsi in Tampere. The total surface of the mosaic is 25 m2 and the amount of mosaic tessarea is app. 500.000.



Frei Zimmer oy created an Aesthetic And Art Plan for the motorway E18 between Koskenkylä- Vaalimaa. As a part of this program is Noise Barrier nr.1.

The glass noise barrier at Pyhtää in Southern Finland brings the area’s nature to the E18 motorway. The reeds printed on the barrier with ceramic pigments are a symbol of the nearby sea.



Postens Østlandsterminal, Oslo, Norway

Installation for the norwegian post terminal in Oslo (Postens Østlandsterminal) consists of 20 post and letter boxes / 16 ex 10 x15 x 7cm and 4 st. 25 x 21 x 7cm. Images are made as c-print on plexi glas, fiber optics is integrated in the wall behind each box.